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image from: Facebook: mattressmack

If you haven’t heard the name “Mattress Mack” by now, you must not have access to a smart phone, radio, television or mainstream media. Jim McIngvale, aka Mattress Mack, is being hailed as a hero in the city of Houston for opening up his two furniture stores for Tropical Storm Harvey evacuees.

Mattress Mack leveraged social media to reach out to locals in the Houston area to make them aware that his stores were open to anyone directly impacted by the storm. The response was incredible, hundreds of Houstonians flocked to his stores to get out of the path of Harvey’s destruction.

His act of kindness not only helped locals in his area get out of harm’s way but it also drove millions of people nationwide to learn more about “Matress Mack” and his Gallery Furniture business.

What Mattress Mack Did Right:

  • Posted a video online through his social network with a simple message: Come on in.
  • Differentiated his business from others in his area by opening up his stores when all others were closed, not as a business opportunity but as a way to support his local community, customers and prospective customers
  • Made a local effort that impacted millions nationwide
  • Leveraged an negative, emotional event to generate a positive experience
  • Wore branded apparel in his social posts (he probably didn’t even do this on purpose)
  • Followed up the way he started, through social


What You Should Take Away From This:

  • You don’t need to spend millions to drive awareness to your company
  • You can utilize the live feed features on social media to build an online community and presence
  • Supporting your local community could not only impact locals but it could generate national awareness to your business
  • Positive, local PR is good for your brand


If you’re an FP customer and were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, please visit: http://www.fp-usa.com/texashearts/