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Our PostBase™ postage meters don’t just look good; they make your mail look good too.

Imagine being able to customize your mail without having to purchase extra equipment. That is exactly what we did when we designed our PostBase line. We incorporated one spot on PostBase mini, and two spots on our other PostBase models where you can put one of 6 standard PostBase Ads, or PADs or order your own cutomized PADs.
6 standard PADs

PostBase™ comes preloaded with six standard PADs.

Tell your customers that you love them, show you support for our troops, or show them how much you love America. All PostBase models come standard with six PADs preloaded on them, so you start differentiating yourself right away.

You can put you logo on you mail with PostBase PADS

Enhance your brand by putting your logo on every piece of outgoing mail. That’s right, you can put your logo, catch phrase, mascot, or anything else on your outgoing mail. When you choose a Company Logo PAD, you get to build your brand name with every piece of mail you send out to your customers: invoices, billing statements, postcards, etc. This is low cost advertising for maximum exposure!

You can also order simple text PADS

Use simple lettering and font to promote your company, give a special message, or remind someone of an upcoming appointment. By choosing a Simple Text Ad, you get the freedom to choose what message goes on your outgoing mail.

PostBase PAD Catalog

FP has a full catalog of stock PADs for you to choose from

FP has a number of stock images for you to choose from. Choose from ads wishing your customers a Happy Halloween with Holiday Stock Ads or choose from Customer Service, Professional Services, Public Service, and more. When purchasing, please include the item number for the ad you are requesting. Click here to download the catalog now.

Want to order a PAD?

Now that you’ve reviewed the type of ads available, how do you order it? Follow these simple steps and you will be up and running with advertisements.

Step 1: Order Item # PAD*

  • If you are an FP Dealer customer, contact your local Dealer
  • If you are an FP customer, contact 800.341.6052

Step 2: Once item # PAD is ordered, you will receive an email from FP, giving you instructions on your ad

Step 3: Send your ad request to PAD@fp-usa.com. Include:

  • Ad type (simple, stock, or company logo)
  • Account #
  • Meter Serial #

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation that your PAD has been uploaded to your account.

How to get the PAD on you PostBase™ when it is ready

Connect your meter as you normally would for a postage download and press the “REMOTE SERVICES” button from your PostBase main menu.

When complete, press one of the ad squares in the top-left of the screen. (Typically the squares each show “OFF”, meaning no ad has been assigned.) Select your ad, and it should appear on your PostBase screen. Any ad showing on the main screen will print with your postage.

The left and right squares print to corresponding left/right positions on the envelope.