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Postage Meters Keep $.03 Discount in USPS® Proposed Rate Change for January 21st 2018

On October 16, 2017 The USPS® filed a notice with the PRC to change the prices of some mail services to take effect on January 21st 2018. If you have a Postage Meter, metered mail will still SAVE you $.03 over stamps.

If approved there will be a $.01 increase to First-class Mail forever stamps making them $.50. Postage Meter Rates will still be $.03s cheaper at $.47. They also proposed a $.01 increase to post cards.

This proposed rate change will increase the price of mailing services by about 1.9% and shipping services will average about a 3.9% increase.

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Rate change September 03, 2017.

The USPS® latest rate change took effect on Sunday, September 3, 2017. Unlike previous Rate Changes, which encompassed a number of rate adjustments, this rate change only impacts one service, First Class Parcel.

First Class Parcel was reclassified as First Class Package Service Retail. The major impact is the change in rate category from Market Dominant to Competitive, allowing the USPS to adjust the rate according to market conditions, rather than the CPI (Consumer Price Index.) In addition, this better aligns the package services as both retail and commercial now share the same product name. Continue below to see how this change impacts customers and dealers.

The rate change only impacts packages weighing up to 13 oz.  The following changes will go into effect on September 3rd 2017:


1 oz $3.00 $2.61
2 oz $3.00 $2.61
3 oz $3.00 $2.61
4 oz $3.00 $2.61
5 oz $3.16 $2.77
6 oz $3.32 $2.77
7 oz $3.48 $2.77
8 oz $3.64 $2.77
9 oz $3.80 $3.32
10 oz $3.96 $3.46
11 oz $4.19 $3.60
12 oz $4.36 $3.74
13 oz $4.53 $3.88
14 oz N/A $4.02
15 oz N/A $4.16
15.99 oz N/A $4.30


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