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Government Contracts and Products

SIN Code #50 163

The FP™ Government Program includes the selling, renting, leasing, and distribution of:
Mailing machines, systems, and related software
Mailing machines that automatically or manually feed and seal, postmark, meter, count, and stack letters
Mailing machines that print postage on pressure-sensitive tape for packages and bulky envelopes
Mail/parcel scales and weighing machines that are either electronic or mechanical, used for weighing and managing weighing/shipping information for packages and envelopes
Inserting machines that insert checks, bulletins, reports, cards, letters, etc., into envelopes and other related products
Envelope opener/extracting machines that completely and easily open envelopes and allow for easy removal of the envelope’s contents
Addressing machines that print addresses, attention lines, return addresses, etc., on (outgoing) mail
A host of ancillary services, related software, attachments, accessories, supplies, and solutions.
All products include directly related software accessories, attachments, and supplies

General Services Administration (GSA)


GSA sources of supply and services are defined as those support programs administered by GSA and prescribed in the Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR), 41 CFR Parts 101-26–Procurement Sources and Programs, 101-35–Telecommunications, 101-39–Interagency Fleet Management Systems (GSA Fleet),101-40–Transportation and Traffic Management, 101-42 through 101-46, 101-48, and 101-49, Utilization and Disposal Programs, and in the Federal Travel Regulation, 41 CFR Part 301-73, Travel Programs. Note: GSA is in the process of recodifying the FPMR in the Federal Management Regulation (FMR) at 41 CFR Chapter 102.

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Mail Communications Policy

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