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Postage Meters

Postage Meters can be called a variety of names including mailing machines, postage machine, stamp machine, postage printer, mailing systems, mail meters, and a few others. No matter what you call them they all do basically the same job: print postage on envelopes saving time and money in the form of an indicia.  All postage meters are regulated by the United States Postal Service and must be rented or leased from an authorized dealer. For more information about postage meters, you can read our Ultimate Guide to Postage Meters.

Discover the FP range of postage meters

PostBase mini postage meter

PostBase mini

Give your small business a boost with the PostBase mini. Compact, economical, and extremely user-friendly with a full color touchscreen. Learn more

PostBase econ postage meter

PostBase econ

Low volume postage meter can process up to 20 letters per minute for small businesses, cost saving, accurate, and efficient. Learn more

PostBase Vision Semi Auto

PostBase® Vision Semi-Auto

Simple to use, stylish and affordable it’s the perfect companion for smaller mailers. Learn more

PostBase Vision Auto

PostBase® Vision Auto

Featuring a hands-free autofeeder, mid-volume mailers will keep the mail moving quickly and easily. Learn more

PostBase Vision Advanced

PostBase® Vision Advanced

Boasting an advanced autofeeder, mailers with higher volumes or mixed mail will love the ease of use and efficiency. Learn more

PostBase pro

PostBase pro

Master your fast-paced mailroom like a pro. The PostBase Pro is the high-volume mailer’s first choice for high-efficiency results. Learn more

PostBase pro DS

PostBase pro DS

The PostBase pro DS delivers exceptional results with effortless operation. with an innovative design and ease of use. Learn more

PostBase One

PostBase ONE

This ONE is big! PostBase ONE is large and efficient enough to handle any mail piece that comes your way. Learn more

For more information about our line of postage meters, you can fill out the form here.